Oct 19, 2010 — by: Karl Johnson
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  Today, HP announces webOS 2.0 and Palm Pre 2. It looks like HP is entering the phone business even though they said when they purchased Palm for a tablet OS. HP has a lot more cash than Palm had and a lot more enterprise costumers, which will help keep the webOS around a lot longer. We also know they will be making tablets sometime in the future.
  So now we have both Microsoft and HP entering the phone business with new OSs. What looked like a two horse race with Apple and Google, now became a four or five horse race. RIM is still there, but was slowly falling behind. What does this mean for Apple? This should only be good news for Apple, as webOS, Phone 7, Blackberry, and Android all compete for the same customers. The greatest threat to the iOS is a single phone OS that has a dominate market share. If one phone dominates, then the people and developers will move to that phone or OS. It would be Microsoft vs Apple all over again. Android, two months looked like it was starting to dominate. Now you add both Microsoft and HP, two companies with lots of cash to add competition for Android. I see them bringing down Android, not Apple. By dividing the market-share between all the major competitors, it adds confusing for the customers as well as the developers.

HP Introduces webOS 2.0, the Next Generation of Mobile Innovation

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