Oct 20, 2010 — by: Karl Johnson
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   Apple had their “Back to the Mac” Special Event today. You should be able to watch the keynote on the Apple website in the coming days. You can get the all the information on iLife 11 and the new MacBook Air on their website was well. The Mac OS 10.8 Lion sneak preview is only on the keynote and other news sites.
   iLife updates iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band with some new nice features for the consumers out there. The upgrade is only $50, which makes it much easier to upgrade if you use the iLife application and want the new features. Otherwise most will just get it when they buy a new Mac. It is interesting that they didn’t update iWeb or iDVD. iDVD is on the way out, but I am not sure about iWeb.
   The Macbook Air is a great piece of hardware that is both minimal and light. If you want lots a drive with lots of space or a fast processor, this is not the Mac for you. If you want something easy to carry and you don’t push the processor, the Air could be the right laptop for you. With the base price of $999 for a 11.6” Macbook Air, it makes it much more affordable Air than before. There is a lot of features like flash install drive, solid state storage, and no optical drive in the Air that will move to the Macbook Pro and even the iMac. The Air is the next step in laptop designs that the rest of the industry will continue to try to copy, but fail.
   Apple also added a Facetime app for the mac, you can download the test right now on their website. Just one more step to put Facetime on everything.
   The sneak peak for Mac OS 10.8 Lion was all about bringing the iPad to the Mac. App Home Screens will make your Mac will like an iPad with multi-Touch gestures on your mouse or trackpad. Mission Control combines Expose, Spaces, Dashboard, and Full Screen Apps into one App than allows you to use gestures to move around the OS. Apple is really moving fast to bring the iOS and the Mac OS closer together.
   The big feature for 10.8, which will also be for Snow Leopard, is a Mac App Store. The Mac App Store is basically the iphone app store for the mac. You can browse, and search for the best apps all in one place. When you find that app you want, it is an easy one click install that comes with automatic updates. Apple is not locking down the Mac to the Mac App store, so you still can install apps from other locations. The problem for developers is if your App is not in the store, are people really going to try to find it. It may not work for professional applications, but any consumer application will need to be in the store to be successful.

   More talk about this event on our next Podcast.

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