Dec 26, 2010 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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300In an October 2008 Financial conference call, Steve Jobs said this about Apple TV, “Well, again, I think the whole category is still a hobby now—nobody has succeeded at it.”

The sad thing is that at the close of 2010 despite successful sales numbers, the second generation Apple TV still behaves like a “hobby”. The Apple Discussion Forum is now littered with over a hundred posts of people struggling to get the Apple TV to see their computers via Home Sharing.

Our own tests found that a Mac running iTunes 10.1.1 (the latest version) was invisible to the Apple TV's Home Sharing but another Mac running iTunes version 10.1 worked just fine. It took turning off the Mac's firewall and restarting iTunes before the Apple TV could see the Mac again.

When it works, Apple TV is brilliant. The form factor and setup are simple. The menus and graphics are superb. However, unless Apple can ship this product with these connectivity problems, such as HD Streaming Woes and not being able to see computers on the same network, then Apple TV remains just a hobby.

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