Dec 28, 2010 — by: Karl Johnson
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Float LeftNext year, Apple will be bringing the best iOS features to the Mac in their next OS update codenamed Lion. Apple is taking iOS features like App Store, App Home Screens, Auto Save, Full Screen Apps, and App Resume on Launch and bringing them to the Mac. These features will be modified for the Mac interface and will all be welcome additions to the Mac. It is only fitting for Apple to reciprocate and bring Mac features to the iOS.

The iOS can benefit from Mac features as much as the Mac can benefit from iOS features. Apple will need to modify these features to make them fit the iOS and its users. Apple was successful at bringing copy/paste and multitasking to the iOS, now it is time to bring more of those features. Let's look at the top 5 features that Apple should move to the iOS from the Mac.

Finder - The lack of a Finder really limits the usefulness of every iOS device. iOS users don't need access to all the files on a device, but they do need a place to save and open files. Apps like ArtStudio, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote need a place to store and open files from other apps. A Finder will take the iOS from a media consumption device to a productivity device. Adding a wirelessly syncing feature to it like Dropbox would create a mobile computing powerhouse.

iPhoto - The iPad is screaming for the Photo organizational app. Apple could add iPhoto or Aperture to the iPad to create a truly killer app for the tablet. Aperture has more powerful editing and organizational tools, but iPhoto would be easier for the typical user to understand. Without one of these applications, the iPad can not be a serious photo organizer.

Real Safari with plugins - Safari on the iOS lacks many features its big brother has on the Mac. Tabbed interface is standard on every desktop web browser and should be on the iPad. A plug-in interface for applications like 1Password are also needed. The reader option on the new Safari is another feature the iOS misses. The iOS is an important platform and deserves a full browser.

TextEdit - TextEdit is the best text editor on the Mac. It may not be as powerful as TextMate or BBEdit, but it has all the features you need in a text editor. TextEdit also edits Rich Text Format (RTF) files, creating a very capable document editor. There is no way to edit RTF files on the iPad right now and that needs to change.

Print to PDF - You have to buy separate software to Print to PDF for Windows, but it is free on every Mac. Printing on the iPad requires a networked Mac running PDR printing software. It is the only way to easily save portable webpages. This is not acceptable and should be a requirement of every computer device.

Adding these features to every iOS device would create a platform that would rival any desktop computer.

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  1. Kevin ~ Dec. 28, 2010 @ 4:08 pm

    Bring us a finder, something to give us back-up storage to an external hard drive for photos, files, etc... If Apple delivers these types of things with iPad 2's launch, it'll be huge, absolutely huge. But what does Mr. Jobs think about eating away at some Mac sales in doing this?... That's the problem. Instead of bringing great technology to the table, it may be held up by financial margin considerations... #

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