Dec 29, 2010 — by: Mark Reschke
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Here's a shocker - Apple's on a tear lately. iPhone's, iPad's, even Mac's, their sales are exploding. Apple has had the uncanny ability to push their financial figures north, defying the growth rules which mandate Apple must flatten out the larger they become. Will Apple succumb to these laws? Perhaps, but it's not likely to occur in 2011 based on recent estimates. According to DigiTimes, Apple's on pace to ship more than 20 million iPhones in 2011, along with new iPads shipping in the quarter. Throw in a newly rumored 65 million iPads for the new year and 2011 is covered.

Apple will defy Wall Street in 2011, but what will Jobs magically produce to keep the numbers piling up for 2012?

Apple's next target is the living room, but it won't be through that cute little Apple TV box next to the HDTV. Rather, Apple's going to be that next big-screen HDTV. Jobs and crew must tap into the TV market as it holds great sums of consumer cash that can be converted into large revenues and profit.

According to the latest survey from the US Department of Labor, consumer's paychecks are flowing into the following categories:

  • Housing: 34%
  • Transportation: 18%
  • Food: 13%
  • Retirement/Insurance: 11%
  • Healthcare: 5.7%
  • Entertainment: 5%
  • Household Furnishings/Equipment: 3.6%

Entertainment and overall household categories total 11% of the consumer spend. Out of these categories come TV sales, which are estimated to hit the $100 billion mark in 2010, with $70 billion of that figure coming from the US consumer. That's far too large an opportunity for Apple to ignore.

Richard Gray of The Telegraph noted that Apple has put in for patents revolving around a new type of 3D display. The technology would not require 3D glasses and deliver a dynamic viewing range or perhaps even a holographic image...

When Apple can purple cow a market that's ripe with cash, it is at that precise moment when Jobs and company lay down their cards. Apple's unlikely to deliver any sort of magical 3D holographic HDTV any time soon, but sometime in 2012 becomes a far more likely scenario. Apple's living room story may have started as a hobby, but it's likely to end with their domination.

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