Sep 22, 2010 — by: Mark Reschke

In the vein attempt to slow iPad sales, tablet vaporware has become all the rage, and it appears Dell is back for more. Oh goodie!

According to the Wall St. Journal, a new 7" phone-thingy is coming from Michael Dell's juggernaut of a company. How much will it cost, when will it be available, what are the specs? Michael didn't didn't say, but Mr. Dell did give us two specifications: 

  • The screen would be 7" (where else have we seen this not-a-cell phone, and not-a-fully-functional productivity screen size before?...)
  • It would be running Android (yes, the Android that Google alluded to not being ready for prime-time tablet use).

I'm beginning to wonder who's running the show in Round Rock, TX. Is it Michael Dell or Michael Scott?...


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