Jan 5, 2011 — by: Karl Johnson
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The iPad is great platform to play casual games. It may be too limited for the hard core Starcraft gamer. For those who don't have all day to play, the iPad is the next Playstation or Nintendo. The games are cheap and fun to play. They can last anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour.

Strategy games use tactics to move your units around to defeat your opponents. Strategy board games include Chess, checkers, and Risk. Typically one plays the computer on most iPad games, but multi-player games are starting to show up in the App store as well. The iPad does not have enough control options for a really complicated game like StarCraft, but it is great for the rest. Chess has limited game control, but it is one of the greatest strategy games of all time. Now for the top three strategy games on the iPad.

- Strategery is like the board game Risk except the map changes randomly for each new game. The object of the game is to defeat your opponent's armies in each section and take control of the whole map. The number of armies each opponent's has and the roll of the dice decides who wins and who loses. The random map generator sets it apart from EA's Risk. It can create all sorts of interesting layouts, which keeps the games fun and exciting time after time. The game options include the number of opponents, difficultly level, and size of map. You can play against the computer, online, or pass it around between friends. Strategery is universal and costs $1.99.

- Modern Conflict is a real-time strategy game that moves tanks and helicopters along set paths between set bases. Each new battles has a randomly generated map which keeps the game from getting boring. The object is to eliminate one's computer opponents on the battle field, which may or may not include controlling all of the bases. Each player usually starts off with one or two bases and has to conquer neutral bases before taking on the opponent. After each win, a skill is given and another battle is started. As the battles continue, you advance levels when you win but the computer gets more reinforcements. It gets harder to beat the computer and you progress through the levels until the computer wins and the game ends. It seems simple, but once the battles start, it is hard to put down and easy to pick up again. Modern Conflict is $2.99 for the iPad and $.99 for the iPhone. The iPad version is a smoother running game than the iPhone.

- Land Air Sea Warfare is the best real-time strategy game on the iPad right now. This game uses planes, helicopters, tanks, battleships, submarines, and bombers to destroy your opponent. This game is similar to the Age of Empires except it uses tanks and guns instead of horses and arrows. In order to build an army, one needs to research technologies, mine for ore, and build power plants. The graphics are good and the game play works well on the iPad. Everything runs nice and smooth and there is no slow down when the number of units reaches its maximum of 500. The sound effects and animation are also well done. There is enough depth in the game to keep you interested for many hours while keeping it easy to control on the iPad. Land Air Sea Warfare is $9.99 for the iPad and $2.99 for the iPhone. It may be the most expensive game on the list, but it is well worth the price. The developers clearly put a lot of time into the game.

As a casual gamer, these games are a great start to your collection and will not break your pocketbook like the $50 games you find on the Xbox and Playstation. For $15, these three games will keep you enjoying your iPad for months to come.

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  1. Paul Johnson ~ May. 14, 2011 @ 9:00 am

    You missed of "Great Little War Game" http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/great-little-war-game-hd/id426392350?mt=8 #

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