Nov 25, 2011 — by: Mark Reschke
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Bloomberg recently created a buzz about a forthcoming Apple HDTV, in conjunction with Sharp Electronics. But this is not where the immediate attention should be focused. Our information points towards a Tuesday, January 25 Apple's Special Event from Apple.

Recent reports from from Analyst Richard Shim of Display Research and DigiTimes point to Apple's new iPad retina display shifting into production for iPad 3.

The timing for Apple's event couldn't be better with CES 2012 is slated for January 10 – 13. If Apple wants to take all eyes off of CES, then a pre-annoucement of the Apple Special Event would arrive weeks in advance, during or before CES, focusing attention onto what Cook and Company will deliver at month's end.

Additional rumors are floating the idea that Apple is considering a 7-inch iPad or iPod touch to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire. We heavily discount this information. A new iPod touch could break into the market, but not likely. Apple has shown very little interest in diving into low or near zero margin hardware markets. If the Kindle Fire (and Barnes and Noble Nook) are deemed a threat, Apple is said to be considering moving the base 16GB iPad 2 to $399, pulling would-be Kindle buyers northward.

We are still unclear about the casing material, thickness and weight of the forthcoming iPad 3. But as with Apple's minor chassis changes between the Phone 3G to 3GS, and major leaps between iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, the iPad 3 is set to deliver a major upgrade. Enclosure asside, the rest of the iPad 3 will be revolutionary. The 2048 x 1536 retina display will deliver more than a 4x pixel count of the current iPad 2. iPad 3 cameras will gain the quality of at least the iPhone 4, and Apple's all-new A6 processor should make it's debut, along with greatly increased graphics power, to drive it's amazing display.

Any further information regarding an Apple TV, or so called "iTV", should be considered in terms of a late Spring launch at the earliest.

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