Nov 28, 2011 — by: Mark Reschke
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Apple's stock price is off over 10% in as little as one months time. Aiding the slide, DigiTimes has reported that Apple has slashed (yes, slashed) component orders for iPhone, and Apple can't keep iPhones in stock, possibly due to supply shortages. To top it off, Kindle Fire is now out in the market for only $199, backed with amazing hype. Does this mean the end of Apple is near? Should everyone "Repent Now" from Apple?!

Keep dreaming delusional Microsoft-will-be-back fans, as well as you Android-fragmentation-is-great apologists, because in the midst of world-wide economic concern and high unemployment, Apple's about to blow the doors off sales records for the December quarter – and well beyond.

One has to wonder about DigiTimes absolutely erratic reporting, coupled with their horrific track record, flying in the face of Analyst's latest research and the rest of the tech savvy media data. DigiTimes "news reporting" is more akin to rumor-milling through their less than forthright shadowy information. But since they have a massive presence in Asia, their information must be true, right? Wrong.

Based on the latest data showing off–the–chart sales at Apple's own retail stores – and beyond – estimates of Apple selling 40 million iPhones, over 5 million Macs and 15 million iPads seems well on pace. 

And where is Apple's stock price? Nowheversville.

Rumors of a leaderless company since Steve Jobs passing, hype of the cheap Kindle Fire and economic fears are all stoking downward pressure onto Apple's stock price. But the Q1-2012 numbers may very well straighten out the fear mongering and hedge fund games associated with Apple's market value. With consistent direction and promising new products on the January horizon, how long can AAPL possibly be held down?

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NOTE: Mark Reschke is not a finanical analyst, nor do his comments 
endorse purchasing Apple stock. Mark Reschke is an Apple stock holder.


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