Feb 10, 2011 — by: Karl Johnson
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Remembering passwords can be a daunting task these days with hundreds of websites now requiring them. One option is to use the same password or to use simple passwords that are easy to remember. This leaves your web presence and even credit cards vulnerable to theft. A better answer is to use an application like 1Password by Agile Web Solutions. 1Password uses a single master password to store all your passwords in a 128-Bit AES encrypted file.

The key features or advantages of using 1Password are:

-It has a random password generator to make it easy to come up with new passwords, which is the most secure and easiest way of coming up with them. It also remembers the past generated passwords automatically for future reference.

-With the 1Password browser plugins, you have quick access to all your passwords while 1Password is running. Not only is there no need to remember those passwords, there is no need to type them in either. With a quick shortcut key combination, 1Password will fill in the username and password on most sites with most browsers. The plugin also has a quick way of creating or updating website logins.

-1Password was originally written for the Mac, but they have come out with a Windows version recently. For those working in a multiple OS environment, this is a big advantage.  1Password for Android is also available.

-1Password for the iOS is also available. This makes retrieving those passwords possible on any device including the iPhone and iPad. The iOS version has a timeout feature that requires the user to re-enter the password which keeps the sensitive data secure. Those who have an iPhone, now have access to all their passwords anytime and anywhere.

-The difficult task of keeping all devices synced is easy with 1Password. By signing up for a free Dropbox account, the 1Password encrypted file can be stored in the Dropbox folder. This allows 1Password to sync seamlessly in the background between all Apple devices.

-Not only does 1Password store website passwords and login information, but it also stores secure notes, software information like license codes, and wallet information like credit cards and drivers license. Users can even take a picture of the drivers license and store it in 1Password for the Mac. It really is the one place to store all sensitive information.

Areas where 1Password needs work:

-While 1Password for the Mac can store images like drivers license, 1Password for the iOS can't. Agile Web Solutions really needs to add image storage features to 1Password for the iOS.

-While 1Password works great with browsers on the Mac, the iOS users have to use its built-in browser to access auto fill features for usernames and passwords. Although it is a major disadvantage, it is not the developer's fault. Apple's iOS Safari does not allow for the Safari plugins.

1Password solves the problem of generating, storing, and remembering secure passwords for all those internet websites. It stores sensitive data securely and allows background syncing to all Apple devices via Dropbox. While the iOS version is not as feature rich as the Mac version, it is still the best way to store data and have it accessible anywhere.

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