Feb 17, 2011 — by: Karl Johnson
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The Macintosh operating system comes with it's own screen capture tool called Grab. It's flaws will be very visible if used for any length of time. One of those flaws is the fact is it only saves images in a TIFF file format. Since TIFFs are big and rarely used, every screen grab requires at least a two step process. One step is to capture your screen and the second is to convert the file in another format like JPEG. There is a better way.

LittleSnapper by Realmac software is a must for any screen grabbing user with many advanced features. It makes Apple's Grab look like a high school project. Lets take look at some of the key features of Little Snapper now:

- All screen grabs are in JPEG format, the main image format in the computer world.

- Little Snapper saves all captured images into its application and allows them to be organized with folders, tags, and collections much like iPhoto.

- It also has built-in annotation tools like blur, crop, arrow, line, box, and text. This allows the users to annotate the image before sending or sharing it with others.

- Like Grab, it can captures full screen, window, and selection (Area). It also captures timed full screen grabs as well. Little Snapper waits five seconds before doing a full screen capture.

- LittleSnapper can capture not just the visible part of a web page, but the entire webpage. This a great feature for those on a smaller screen like a macbook 13" or need to capture something on the web that is bigger than the browser window. When capturing a webpage, the url is saved in the meta-data.

- Links can be sent to LittleSnapper and viewed in it's built-in browser. The big advantage of capturing parts of a webpage inside Little snapper, is the Element Snap tool. With this tool, a selection that can be captured later and is editable, is based on any element you click on from the webpage. So one can click on one paragraph and drag the selection down to cover the entire article. this tool makes getting pixel accurate web captures a breeze.

All Software can benefit from added features or upgrades and Little Snapper is no different. Here few things the developers can work on:

- It would be nice to have more annotation tools like a pen or brush tool.

- Expand the timed capture tool to cover windows and selections and allow for custom timed amounts.

- Full screen edit mode would also be nice when viewing captures images. This should come with Mac OS 10.7 Lion, since full screen browsing is built-in. Another option would be a add a full screen slide or a send to the Preview app command.

- Adding iPhone or Aperture syncing features would also be a welcome addition. Most users like to keep all their images in one places, and the same is true for screen grabs. It would be nice to add them to an iPhoto or Aperture library, but still be able to see and annotate them in LittleSnapper.

Little Snapper is a fun and easy way to capture the screen that puts Apple's Grab to shame. With all it's features, it is a must for anyone grabbing screen shoot on a regular basis. It is available in the Mac App Store for $24.99.




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  1. Steve K. ~ Feb. 17, 2011 @ 9:26 am

    Mac OS X also comes with Preview.app in which you can screen grab selections, windows or the entire screen and save to many different formats, like JPG, PNG, etc... #
  2. Alex ~ Feb. 17, 2011 @ 12:49 pm

    you can set the file type for screen grab in OSX go to terminal and enter one of the following for pdf, png, jpg or tif defaults write com.apple.screencapture type pdf defaults write com.apple.screencapture type png defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg defaults write com.apple.screencapture type tif #

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