Mar 12, 2011 — by: Mark Reschke
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Earlier this week we prominently posted that we would be bringing you our Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom with side-by-side testing report. Unfortunately, we Three Guys and a Podcast took a bit of advice from our "good friend" Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. 

The advice he gave all of us? Gene explained we shouldn't expect any long lines for the iPad 2, as it was available at many retailers verses last year. Perhaps Gene missed the fact that the original iPad was available for pre-order, while iPad 2 was available for pre-order for less than 24 hours before retail launch.

We took Gene's advice with a grain of salt, but the result was we were three people away from securing an iPad 2 — yeah three people away — before we were told our Apple Store was sold-out. Our line was close to 400 people. Quick, plan B! We scrambled to Best Buy and Target stores, but Apple stocking Target with only five units (yes, I said five, not 50 or 100), didn't help our cause, nor did Best Buy's 30 units (with a line around the building by mid-day). That's a line around the building Gene.

We'll bring you a side-by-side comparison as soon as we can (likely Monday), but to do so, we'll be sure to be standing in lines much earlier than today. Perhaps Monday is overstating things, as we can't even get the XOOM to connect to a wifi network after fiddling for over four hours with this blasted contraption...

Maybe Gene will send us his iPad 2, since we are pretty sure he just sauntered into an Apple Store around 6 PM tonight and picked one up. We hope to post a video of the line from our local Apple Store soon.


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