May 13, 2011 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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I've been a MacBook Pro owner since the Titanium PowerBook G4 days (think 2002). I remember making the jump from a G4 Gray Blue Tower to the portable, sleek and "less powerful" but "more portable" PowerBook G4. It was a scary leap. What if I couldn't run Photoshop or InDesign fast enough? What about other general tasks? Nothing drives me nuts more than to see my computer struggling to keep up with me (and I'm not that fast!). But when the PowerBook G4 arrived it was, in Steve Job's words, "magical"! It was so cool, so sleek, so portable. I didn't have to sit at my desk. I could work on the couch or at the kitchen table or take my work with me when I traveled. All was well until...

Skip forward to 2011. I'm now using my fifth 15" laptop (now called the MacBook Pro). This year in January Apple released their new MacBook Air line. The update came with better displays, better battery life and faster processors (CPU and GPU). My wife got one to replace her four year old MacBook Pro. She instantly loved it. But as a power user I thought, when it was time, I'd get another MacBook Pro 15" model. Then I did it. I dropped my MacBook Pro and dented the side and shattered the screen. I needed a new box because repairing the old one was about $1200 (for a three year old laptop). 

The more I looked at my wife's sleek MacBook Air, the more I thought my PowerBook Pro looked like a boat anchor. Then I put together a Pro's & Con's chart as seen below.

MacBook Air – Pros MacBook Air – Cons
Lighter Less Powerful
Smaller Enclosure (13") No Backlight keyboard
Faster Processors (CPUs/GPUs) Not comparable to new Pro speeds
Better Battery Life Less Powerful
Super Fast SSD Smaller Drive than MacBook Pro
Ultra Modern Looking No Infrared capability

Being in sales, looks are really important. Whipping out your notebook in a meeting can help create the impression of success — or not. Therefore the looks of my new laptop was important. But then I also assessed what I do most of my day: e-mail, web programming/surfing and some design work. All of these could easily be handled by the MacBook Air's 2.16 Core 2 Duo and Nvidia GeForce M320. So I took the next leap in my computing journey and bought a 13" 4GB/256GB SSD MacBook Air.

All I can say is what a GREAT decision. The MacBook Air is modern, fast and very easy to take almost everywhere I go. I really enjoy the responsiveness of the SSD. There is just no way I could go back to a traditional hard drive. The only feature I miss is the backlit keyboard and auto-sensing brightness in the display. Despite that, it was a great decision and can't rave enough how fast, and how much I enjoy my laptop to get stuff done!

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  1. Darwin ~ May. 15, 2011 @ 11:54 am

    I need Sandy bridge and a Thunderbolt port then will make the jump to the Air. #
  2. juan ~ May. 15, 2011 @ 11:58 am

    how can you say that a con for the MacBook Air is that it is "Boat Anchor Looking" huh? it is the small sleekest boat and lightest boat anchor I have ever seen that at less than 3 pounds certainly would not hold any boat very well. ? #
  3. E. Werner Reschke ~ May. 15, 2011 @ 10:22 pm

    Juan - looks like I made an error on my chart. I meant to say the MacBook PRO looked like a boat anchor in comparison to the AIR. The AIR indeed is slick and very lightweight and I just love it. -Werner #

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