May 13, 2011 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: Humor, iPhone, News, Predictions, Rumors

Scott Moritz of The Street, believes the next generation iPhone is delayed, which may result in sales losses to Android-based 4G LTE smartphones. Moritz builds his thinking upon an analyst who is claims to have inside information on the forthcoming iPhone.

How a product can be "delayed" when a company has never given a launch date it could be delayed from is logically impossible, but we all understand how this works, right? First, the rumor mill builds some mythical launch date for an Apple product, then rumors and analysts claim a different date, thus the launch of the product is late. Brilliantly ridiculous.

Analyst firm Jeffries claims the next generation iPhone will be a minor upgrade and carry a 4S nameplate. If you've ever read or watched Scott Moritz, he's about as accurate as a drunken sailer playing darts during the middle of a hurricane. Most of his Apple-related comments we consider link-bait so click if you must, but please think twice. Full article here.

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