May 20, 2011 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: Humor, iPad, News

Early reports (and videos) are pouring in, in what appears to be a Foxconn manufacturing facility which exploded a few hours ago. The initial reports are claiming the explosion occurred in an iPad 2 production building, and that the explosion has effected several floors.

Initial speculation as to what caused the explosion was thought to be a fine dust (think grain elevators), which ignited and caused the explosion. At this point it is not known as to how many people, if any, have been injured, and we certainly wish everyone the best and are hoping no one has been injured.

At this time there is no information as to how this will effect iPad 2 production, but the timing is certainly not good for Apple. The Japan natural disaster effects may be felt in Apple's production next quarter. Add to this the claims that Apple's iPad 2 production in the March quarter was hampered by manufacturing issues didn't help either. However, Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee of Sterne Agee issued a note to investors today with revised iPad 2 figures. Wu upped his iPad yield to 6.8 million from 5.9 million units for the June quarter, citing improved iPad to iPad 2 line conversions, coupled with the March quarter manufacturing bugs being ironed out. However, this could all be taken with a huge grain of salt considering today's factory explosion.

Of course, I find humor in almost everything (probably my coping mechanism in dealing with serious issues). Note to Guys: Women don't care for humor during serious conversations... That said, I can't help but hope this was nothing more than Tom Dickson with his Bendtec goofing off, and this was all a big mis-undersanding.




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