May 23, 2011 — by: Mark Reschke
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HP's VP of European operations, Eric Cador, has claimed that HP will be better than number one in the tablet market. "We call it number one plus," said Cador.

Now that HP has thrown their skin in the game, this may mark the time I need to come back with a comprehensive article on why every tablet out there that's trying to be "iPad plus" absolutely stink. Cador also called Apple an expensive island, regurgitating a dated stereotype of the 90's (AKA Microsoft's diatribe against Apple).

Seriously HP, this is pathetic. Worse yet, everyone can feel the desperation. 365,000 apps is a nice island to live on, and better than what HP will have in five-years (if webOS still exists by then).

Thankfully, consumers are no longer drones that simply follow what companies tell them they should do. Today's consumer is very savvy, learn from what their friends use and do, along with learning what works for them.

Speaking of using what works, I'm on a movie set today and it's all Apple, all the time. iPhones, iPads, MacBook Pros and Final Cut. People use what works, regardless of what some guy in HP's VP chain wants to believe.


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