May 28, 2011 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Can Facebook be a cause of depression in children and teens? That seems to be one of the findings of a study produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The study sites,

“Seventy-five percent of teenagers now own cell phones, and 25% use them for social media, 54% use them for texting, and 24% use them for instant messaging.”

In addition the study sites some of the other dangers of children and teens being online such as Cyberbullying, Online Harassment and Sexting. But the study coins a new phrase "Facebook Depression" as one of the other dangers. 

“Researchers have proposed a new phenomenon called "Facebook depression," defined as depression that develops when preteens and teens spend a great deal of time on social media sites, such as Facebook, and then begin to exhibit classic symptoms of depression. Acceptance by and contact with peers is an important element of adolescent life. The intensity of the online world is thought to be a factor that may trigger depression in some adolescents. As with offline depression, preadolescents and adolescents who suffer from Facebook depression are at risk for social isolation and sometimes turn to risky Internet sites and blogs for "help" that may promote substance abuse, unsafe sexual practices, or aggressive or self-destructive behaviors.”

Our view is that while Facebook probably could add to a current self-esteem problem. However, as with most things, moderation is a great guiding principle for this medium as well as others.

Click here for the full study >

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