May 3, 2011 — by: Karl Johnson
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There are many times users want to download YouTube videos but can’t because Google does not give them that option.

Some sites like Vimeo allow registered users to download video if the creators allows it, which many of them do. While Vimeo is a big site, it still does not compare with YouTube, which does not have that option. But now there are plugins to allow users to download videos.

When users watch YouTube videos, they are actually downloading the video into the browser’s cache. It is possible to go into this cache and retrieve the video, yet it is difficult enough that most users either don’t know how or it takes too much time to do so. Plugins can help turn this difficult task into a one click job.

There are plugins that support all of the major browsers for the Mac and allow users to download YouTube videos. Each of these plugins adds a menu on the YouTube page below the video to allow the user to select which version of the video they would like to download.

The plugin FastestTube is available for Opera 11, Safari 5, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Simply navigate to the website here, and click install. While there are other plugins available for Safari, this is the one we have tested. The developer is quick to release updates, then Google makes changes to the YouTube site.

The Firefox browser also has several plugins available. A nice plugin for Firefox is “Easy YouTube Video Downloader”. While this plugin is also available on many browsers, we have tested it on Firefox and have found it works quite well. To install, head on over the add-on section of Mozilla’s site and search for it, or go directly to the add-on page for this plugin.

For Google’s Chrome browser we found the plugin Chrome YouTube Downloader. We have also tested the plugin and found that it works as advertised. Chrome users can either download it from the Chrome extension page or from the developers homepage.

Until Youtube follows Vimeo’s lead, plugins will be required to download YouTube videos, but there are many options to allow users to do so. These plugins give users the ability to view those videos offline, which is a great feature.

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  3. website design ~ Sep. 29, 2013 @ 10:07 pm

    Thanks soooo much. I’ve been searching for a way to download from youtube for like three whole hours. I was beginning to think this is simply not possible cuz this damn internet download manager doesn’t work with chrome. I’m glad I kept looking. Thanks a million. website design #

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