Jun 11, 2011 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Mac Mini

With the the demise of the XServe and the abnormal delay since the last Mac Mini refresh (12 months — the average has been eight), many continue to wonder where Apple is with replacements for both products. 

While there is a Mac Mini Server running Snow Leopard, what if Apple were to take the next step and create a Mac Mini Pro Server?

A Mac Mini Pro Server would have a slightly larger form factor than what exists today and addition to running Lion it would add:

  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Hardware RAID Card
  • Thunderbolt for access to external storage and simple Xgrid and Xsan configuration
  • The ability to easily stack or put inside a rack mount with two or three across in a 1U or 2U configuration. Starting price: $1,995
  • Intel i7 processors quad-core processor

While this wouldn't be as "industrial" as the XServe, it certainly would be good step forward and address major issues that Apple's current hardware offerings are lacking. Now that Apple has unveiled some killer software at the WWDC, it'll be great to see Apple to continue to roll out some killer hardware products as well.

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