Aug 31, 2011 — by: Karl Johnson
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 The iPhone 4 makes a great flashlight since it is always there. While the front screen works ok to illuminate a dark area, the camera's flash does a much better job. In order to use it though, one needs to have a flashlight app.

After testing numerous flashlight applications, I finally found this week's App of the Week. While there are many flashlight applications out there, most have ads that get annoying and are slow to launch. This flashlight app is free and does not include any ads.

The best flashlight app for the iPhone is Flashlight and it is our App of the Week. The flashlight app only has to do one thing, turn the camera's flash into a flashlight. This application does just that and does it faster than any other application I tested. It may not have as many features as some of the versions you must pay for out there, but those features get in the way and slow an application down.

Flashlight's biggest feature is its simplicity, which allows the application to get out of the way when using the iPhone as a flashlight. While it does have some strobing features and a manual button for Morse Code, I have yet to use them. I usually have it set to automaically turn on the flash and darken the screen when the application is launched. This basically turns the iPhone into just a flash. It would be nice to use the flashlight app in the background, but Apple does not allow it.

If you are looking for a flashlight app, look no further than Flashlight. This one sits on my home page and I use it regularly. It is free and a must buy for every iPhone 4 user.

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