Jan 19, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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 Apple has a great and focused line of products. Each one fills a need for their customers. They have focused on each line to create a product that is significantly better than their competitors.

While all their products have gone through a great deal of research and development, they can't focus on all of their products at once. Apple has to decide which products they need to focus on and which can wait. For 2012, Apple needs to focus on their top three products. Those three products are:

iPhone: The iPhone is one of Apple's smallest products. Yet it is also their best selling product. It faces tough competition from Google's Android mobile operating system. Apple has been focusing on the iPhone for several years, but they need to continue to focus on it for 2012. Look for Apple to increase the screen size to four inches and add their continual rapid performance increase in the fall of 2012.

iPad: With close to 75% market share, the iPad is the King of the tablet market. Yet, they can't remain still. While the Android tablet has failed to gain any traction, they will continue to try. Amazon has had some success and will keep working on improving the Kindle Fire. Apple needs to keep innovating to keep the iPad as the best tablet on the market. The iPad 3 will include a high resolution retina display and a new ARM processor with much greater performance.

MacBook Air: Apple has turned a light weight and expensive ultra notebook into a mainstream product. It is now the top selling Mac product. For 2012, Apple will need to stay focused with the MacBook Air to keep it the best on the market. In 2012, Apple will add a 15-inch version and include Intel's new faster Ivy Bridge processor.

These are currently Apple's top products and they need stay focused and keep innovating. With hard work, Apple will take their top three products and make them even better.

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