Oct 1, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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NotesWith Mountain Lion, Apple introduced a new application to the Mac: Notes. Notes started as an app on the iOS platform. Notes in Mountain Lion improves the Mac experience when compared with using iCal and Mail for the same task.

Notes allows a user to take notes and have them synced automatically across all of Apple devices. While there are other similar applications, Notes is built in, which is a big advantage.  While Notes does a good job of syncing across devices, can it take notes?

The iOS version is pretty basic with only basic text editing tools while the Mac version is much more robust. While links and pictures can not be added directly in Notes on the Mac, they can be dragged into the application. The links can be seen by the iOS version, but the pictures will not show up. If Apple were to fix this, it would greatly improve Notes as a multi device note taking application.

While Notes on the Mac still is pretty basic, it does have some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve. They include the following:

  • Typing and asterisks followed by a space will be converted to a bullet point list. Hitting the return key twice will end the list.
  • Typing a number, a period, and a space will create a numbered list. Two returns will also end it.
  • Typing a minus sign follow by a space will create a dashed list. Two returns to end it.
  • The command key and either bracket will change the indentation of the list.

It becomes very easy to create and edit list in Notes on the Mac with these shortcuts. Many of the other standard shortcuts (which can be found in the format menu) are also available like copy, paste, bold and align text. Apple has created a pretty powerful note taker application for the Mac. They just now need to bring the same features back the iOS version to make it complete.


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