Oct 12, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson

Officeonipad6_320x245Rumors for Microsoft Office on the iOS have been swirling for years. Almost every time they come up, Microsoft denies it. Here are just a few of those rumors:

Many insiders have told us that Microsoft has been working on porting Office to other platforms for some time. That does not translate into real software. Microsoft would have some significant challenges to overcome to successfully port Office. One of the big issues is the user interface. The Windows interface does not work on the iPad and certainly not on the iPhone. In addition, Microsoft is not known for their interface design. Adding all the other high end features like macros will also make porting Office difficult. So are we to believe the latest rumors about Office coming to the iOS in March or believe Microsoft who denies it?

The answer to the questions comes from Steve Ballmer himself. In an annual letter to shareholders, Steve wrote “The new approach mimics Apple Inc, whose massively successful iPhone and iPad demonstrated tight integration of high-quality software and hardware and made Windows devices feel clunky in comparison.” Now we know Ballmer is not talking about mimicking Apple by creating innovative products or building a leading retail chain. So Ballmer must be talk about Steve Jobs famous statement about not adding video to the iPod “You can’t watch a video and drive a car, We’re focused on music.” Later Apple did video to the iPod.

Microsoft will start denying new products up until launch while leaking product information through low level employees. Microsoft's Ballmer thinks that is the way to create successful products. This will fail like all other attempts Microsoft made to copy Apple. Microsoft does not have the corporate culture to keep products a secret. The end results is we get to watch Microsoft crash and burn yet again. Get your popcorn ready.

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