Oct 15, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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Microsoft continues their Windows 8 hype, while iOS 6 has just launched, while Google has any number of Android versions floating around from which hardware vendors may choose. With Microsoft about to launch their tablet a battle for ecosystems is brewing in full, but Apple has a sizeable edge over their largest competitors with a near complete ecosystem.


Clearly taking the leading from behind role, the tech giant continues to play catchup in a world that moved into mobile at light speed. Redmond hallways a clogged with masses of managers, rushing to meeting after to meeting in attempts to figure out the best ways in which to shoehorn Windows into the mobile space. Microsoft has been in the handheld world since Windows CE, but nothing they have attempted has ever taken hold. Will this be Microsoft's time? Not likely. 

Microsoft's massive partnership with Nokia is turning into another colossal flop for the tech giant. Microsoft is firmly entrenched into the corporate server and desktop space, but the company has no mobile platform of mass acceptance. When it comes to Microsoft the discussions are revolving more to their relevance and less to their technology. Decent products may emerge, but unless Microsoft can somehow leapfrog Apple and Google by a wide margin, there is likely to be little change to buying behaviors towards Apple and Google products. Without a massive mobile solution in place, Microsoft will continue to find itself chained to the ever-shrinking legacy desktop world.


Where Microsoft is missing the mobile space, Google has missed out on any form of capable desktop OS. Google delivered a feeble attempt with their Chrome-based laptops, delivering an inside-the-beltway idea of storing all your belongings within Google's cloud. That might sound cool if I where 24 years old and worked at Google, but consumers and businesses alike have repelled this idea with aplomb and rightly so.

Massive Android fragmentation aside, Google has no viable way to create an integrated mobile, cloud, and desktop solution. 


The only king of three maturing platforms:

  • OS X: An ever expanding and powerful desktop OS
  • iOS 6: Taking mobile to the next seamless extreme
  • iCloud: Arguably be the strongest position in mobile-to-desktop with iPhone and iPad

Microsoft is missing the mobile space, Google is missing the desktop, but Apple has all three sewn together. What the landscape will look like in five-years is pure hyperbole, but here's to hoping Google and Microsoft slice each other silly, while Apple continues to cruise over their noise and confusion.

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