Oct 16, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
Categories: iPad, News, Products

Jeff Bezos desires to become the next Steve Jobs. He is quickly moving his company, Amazon, down a path that is competing directly with Apple. The first step was to create the Kindle book reader. At first, the Kindle didn’t compete directly with Apple, but it did turn Amazon from just a retailer into a hardware manufacturer and a retail company. The Kindle Fire, a seven inch LCD tablet was a big step in Apple’s direction. Amazon has continued to improve their Kindle inline up with annual updates, but they are not done yet.

Amazon is now looking into improving its hardware development side. A clear sign of this is news they are wanting to buy TI’s mobile chip division. Right now, Amazon relies on outside help for much of its hardware designs. This purchase would change that and owning a chip designer division would be a big step into the hardware world. It would be a major sign that Amazon is bringing hardware design in-house and making it an important part of the company. This may be Amazon’s first hardware purchase, but it won’t be its last.

With a mobile chip purchase, Jeff Bezos is reveling his plan to take a bigger step into the mobile hardware business. A step that would compete with Apple on a more direct level. That said, don’t look for an Amazon start developing desktop or laptop computers. Amazon's focus is on the future, and that future is mobile.

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