Oct 17, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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Apple announced to select media an October 23rd, Special Event with the comment "We've got a little more to show you". However, Apple wont' be holding the event on the Cupertino campus, nor will the event take place at the Buena Vista Performing Arts Center in San Francisco. Apple has instead chosen a larger auditorium, the California Theatre in San Jose.

What may be in store? Moving past the obvious iPad mini, the rumor mills is up in the air. An all-new 13-inch MacBook Pro w/retina display seems a good bet, but in recent days rumors of a new Mac mini or perhaps an all-new iMac have cropped up. We're placing our bets on a 13-inch MacBook Pro w/retina display and nothing more. An all-new iMac is justification for it's own event, complimented with it's other desktop counterpart the Mac mini.

The suggestion of a slightly revised full-sized iPad with lightning connector also seems an odd fit. Apple doesn't just slightly rev iOS devices by throwing a port on them and calling it new...

Most analysts and media outlets are pointing towards the iPad mini to have an entry price point $249 or $299 target price point, but the iPod touch starts at $299. Pricing a larger screened device with more capability and power for less seems like a dubious move at best. Expect the iPad mini to start at $349 or higher. Apple rarely plays in a zero-margin, loss-leader market. The only reason Apple would do so is to maintain an ecosystem stronghold, but it would seem Apple has been able to do so very effectively with a full-screen iPad, iPhone and iPod touch solution, at prices that deliver margin, and Apple has done very well to control market share while doing so.

This event should leave the January/February slate clean to launch any number of new Apple goodies. January should trigger an all new iPad, but Apple may have a few tricks up its sleeves, such as the long-awaited Apple TV re-design. The time is certainly ripe for Apple to launch into the living room with all guns blazing, but until Apple can figure out the content piece, don't count on much but a revised iPad. If any of you have information from within the grape vine, let us know.

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