Oct 18, 2012 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Tim-cook-apple-ceoOn October 23rd Apple CEO Tim Cook will most likely unveil the long-awaited iPad Mini. While this new product will most likely expand Apple's dominance in the tablet market there is something more important happening on the 23rd.

This event marks Tim Cook's fourth time making a presentation as Apple's CEO announcing a major new product. There was the: 

  • Oct. 2011: iPhone 4S
  • Mar. 2012: the New iPad 
  • Sep. 2012: iPhone 5

What and how TIm Cook launches on the 23rd should attract a lot of attention. However, what is more important is to measure the arc of these four product announcements in total. This will give us a much better insight into the direction Apple is headed in a Steve Jobless future. With Jobs at the helm, Apple's future was always unpredictable, a bit dangerous but certainly anticipated. When Jobs appeared on stage one could bet his 90 minutes on stage was going to be at least interesting if not game changing. However with Tim Cook, so far we have only seen revisions to current product lines — nothing really new, just the same thing we had before only a better. Apple is best known for its innovation and its revolution of the mobile industry. However, Cook may be leading Apple down a more predictable path of upgrades and little more. This might be the correct, risk-adverse strategy in the short-term, but long-term it gives opportunity for others to invent and change the game as Apple did to Microsoft, Nokia and RIM.

Therefore this author hopes to see Cook announce more than just a smaller and less expensive version of the current iPad. A great thing for Apple fans to hear on the 23rd would be the four magic words "and one more thing" from Cook's mouth. This would show Apple is still on the right path of innovation and revolution.

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