Oct 2, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
Categories: News

Microsoft-logoMicrosoft is looking at making a big investment in MSN so they can turn it into a real media operation. While it might be only a news aggregator like Reuters or AP, Microsoft is looking at hiring some journalists as well. 

Version 8 of Microsoft's top product, Windows, is expected to be launching soon. Most of Microsoft's money comes from either Windows or their Office products. Will an investment into a media operation increase sales of these products?

Of course not. A media operation will not effect the sales figures of Windows or Office products. Microsoft still foolishly spends revenue from their two major products trying to find another big one. MSN and a media operation will only serve to be another massive sink hole for Microsoft's money profit. Will they ever invest in products that fit their business and has potential to be profitable?

One of these days Windows and Office will start to see their profits trail off. If they don't change their ways and stop wasting money on meaningless initiatives, they quickly discover they'll have run out of their cash piles, wasted on useless endeavors.

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