Oct 24, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson

DiskdriveApple's big news at the keynote yesterday was the release of the iPad mini. Starting at $329, with 16GB of storage, it should sell well. Apple also updated the iPad with a faster processor.

The keynote was not just about the iPad. Apple announced updates for most of its Macs as well during the keynote. They released a MacBook Pro 13-inch with retina display. A re-designed iMac that is now 5mm thick at the edge. The Mac Mini was also updated. What is the message that Apple is sending with these product updates?

The optical drive is dead. Phil Schiller even adds "You can still get an external optical drive for those who are stuck in the past". All new Macs do not have an optical drive. Only the old MacBook Pros and outdated Mac Pro now include an optical drive. It won't be long until Apple removes the old MacBook Pros and only the Mac Pro will come with one.

Apple led the way when they removed the disc drive from the first generation iMacs. Now Apple is leading the way again by removing the optical drive. Optical drives replaced disc drives. Now, SD cards are replacing optical drives. Time to say goodbye to all those CDs and DVDs.

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