Nov 20, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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Iphone5The iPhone 5 has been out for several months, but it still is a hot item. While Apple is starting to catch up to the demand, it will be some time before the iPhone 5 is sitting on store shelves. One reason for this is Apple’s aggressive international roll out. Apple is trying to catch up not only the demand in the US, but all over the world.

Why is the demand so high? New users and a large contingent of current iPhone customers are purchasing the iPhone 5. For the new user, there are many reasons to purchase an iPhone. For current iPhone users, the decision gets a little harder since they already have an iPhone. For those that already own an iPhone, here are 4 primary reasons to upgrade.

  1. Larger Screen: The extra half inch does make a difference when viewing emails, navigating websites, and typing text. The new screen is longer, not wider, so it is still easy hold in your hand. The extra half an inch gives the user longer lists, like email and text message lists. In landscape mode, the larger screen makes it easier to type with wider keys. Websites are more viewable in landscape mode with the retina display as well. Mobile sites will become less needed on the iPhone 5.

  2. Processor Speed: The extra speed that comes with the new iPhone 5 is a welcome experience. The performance is definitely noticeable to the casual user. The extra memory allows the iPhone 5 to keep more apps in the background. The speed improvement makes everything feel much faster.

  3. LTE: For those users with LTE in your area, LTE is a huge improvement. The speed of LTE can be faster than many land line internet connections. Add the LTE to the faster processor and the iPhone 5 is a vastly improved internet browsing tool, and handles uploading or downloading emails containing large attachments with ease.

  4. Weight and Size: While the iPhone 5 is slightly longer, it is still lighter and thinner than any iPhone before it. For those who have not seen the iPhone 5 in person, it is hard to understand how much lighter it really is until you hold it. Removing the glass on the back made a big difference in weight, thickness and durability.

Most iPhone 4S users have had their phone for less than 2 years. Those users can easily wait until their contract runs out and get the next generation iPhone 5S. For iPhone 4 or 3GS users, the iPhone 5 upgrade is an easy decision. Most of those users have also had their iPhones for more than 2 years and will get the markedly lower two-year contract promotion prices. There are many other improvements, like the camera or improved speaker phone, that make it a great upgrade for just about anyone.

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