Nov 21, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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174051Many iPhone 5 users have been very happy with their new purchase, but some users and media sites are just looking for problems that are not really there with the iPhone 5, like the maps app. Yet some issues are real and one of them is battery life.

There are many ways the iPhone battery can drain quickly. Leaving the GPS and other radio transmitting features turned up for long periods cam be some of them, however, this is true for all mobile devices. Here are a few things users can look at if their iPhone 5 is draining the battery too quickly.

  1. Restore From Backup: Restoring a backup from an old phone in iTunes to the new iPhone 5 can cause more battery drain. The backup contains extra code from the old phone that runs on the new phone and drains the battery. The difference may not be huge, but it is slightly noticeable. iCloud backups have not shown the same issue, but it is still best to start fresh with the new iPhone 5.

  2. Siri: Siri is a big battery draining service that is on all the time. In our tests, turning Siri off noticeably improved battery life. If one does not need or use it, turn it off. This is true for most services.

  3. LTE: LTE is also a big battery drain. Users with no LTE coverage should definitely turn it off. Users with LTE in their area will have to think about which is more important, battery life or LTE.

The iPhone 5 does come with a bigger battery, but it also comes with features that can drain it quickly. Users will have to manage those features to maximize their battery life.

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