Nov 27, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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Someone was onto something -- and it wasn't Apple. When the 6th generation iPod nano launched, it quickly became the wearable gear due to third parties converting the nano into a new kind of watch. Watchbands of very type sprang up for sale. Apple updated the nano software to include 16 new watch faces. Was this a fad or was there something more to it? And then suddenly the iPod touch 7th generation appeared and the wearable format from Apple's lineup was eliminated. Or was it?

Cult of Mac's Mike Elgan recently strung together a list of technical capabilities suggesting if Apple wasn't already working on an iWatch product, they certainly could. Mike's probably more right about Apple's "next big thing" being an iWatch than a massive Apple TV set.

The watch market has long been devoid of any practical use, drifting on as status symbols of high style. Checking the time simply means looking at your phone. The modern culture has also moved away from the idea that we are bound by time, but that false reality comes crashing down as rush hour sets in. There was a time when anyone anywhere could be seen wearing a watch. Today the watch is novelty. Isn't this the type of market Apple is King at conquering? Apple is rarely the first to enter any one product space, but when they do they leapfrog what's there, redefine the market and give it value. 

I recently ran across a co-worker wearing Motorola's MOTOVACTIV line of wearable gadgetry. The product is far too limited and focused to be something of mainstream adoption, but it clearly demonstrates -- as does Apple's 6th generation iPod -- there's something there.

Tim Cook talks of Apple continuing to pull the string on Apple TV and see where it takes us. That's nice. But while Apple's CEO plays the pied piper leading Gene "no lines" Munster down the road to the never-ending living room, it's more likely Cook will unveil a wearable device that simply has it all -- and all will want.

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