Nov 28, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke


Yesterday, Amazon announced it sold more Kindle Fire tablets on Cyber Monday than any other day in its short history. The only question is, how many? Amazon isn't saying. In fact, Amazon has never stated how many tablets and readers they have sold. The bulk of Amazon's press release was nothing more than a spec. list of the entire Kindle lineup and an About Amazon statement. That's it. Really.

This is getting old, quickly. Amazon is playing an effective game with the media in claiming great sales, but without actual sales figures, great is nothing more than another Kindle PR stunt by Amazon. No one knows how many Kindle devices Amazon is selling. In August Amazon claimed a 22% market share of tablet sales for the quarter. That might give us a hint that Amazon's products are in #2 position behind the iPad lineup, but then again it may not. Does Amazon include non-Fire products in their figuring? Again, no one knows. Amazon only has a few "true" tablet-based products, as the rest are low-priced e-ink readers, but are also under the Kindle brand, which Amazon may, or may not, lump into their unknown sales figures... This non-press press release game is absolutely useless for everyone -- everyone but the Amazon PR machine.

  • No one knows how many Kindle tablets or Kindle e-ink readers Amazon is selling, or has sold.
  • No one knows the metrics of Kindle product use, or whether they are simply stocking stuffers that wind up in junk drawers by February, while everyone quickly retreats to their iPads.
  • No one knows whether these press events Amazon continues to roll out should be valued in the market or not.

Until Amazon starts revealing actual Kindle Fire and Fire HD sales per quarter, their continuous hot air means absolutely nothing, and it's time the media starts ignoring this sleazy sales gimmickry.

In a counter ploy, who would love to see Apple claiming they have outsold the Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets 300:1 this holiday season? If Amazon is going to continue spewing forth media stunt information, why not fight fire with fire?... Excuse the pun. Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Constable Odo ~ Nov. 28, 2012 @ 7:10 am

    What's really amazing is how Amazon's share price continues to climb despite investors not knowing how many Kindles are being sold. All Amazon investors assume the company is doing absolutely fantastic and are staying totally optimistic. There don't seem to be any doubts even though the company is losing money. They don't seem to worry about anything Amazon does. Jeff Bezos merely saying Amazon is selling a lot of tablets will send Apple's share price falling as the media believes Amazon is taking huge cuts into Apple's tablet market share. Jeff Bezos won the Businessperson of the Year award so he's definitely doing something Wall Street likes that even Apple can't beat despite all the actual strong sales numbers it is announcing. #

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