Nov 6, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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Ipad_miniApple updated all of their iOS products this fall from the new iPhone 5 to the updated iPad. They now have products with display sizes of 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 7.9-inch, and 9.7-inch. The only device that does not have a retina display is the new iPad Mini.

With so many different screen sizes, there is a size that fits most people for most uses. Display size is not the only difference to look at though. Device weight is just as important. Lighter weight products are easier to hold and carry around. The graph below shows the differences in weight between the five main iOS devices.



The new iPod Touch is the lightest device. And while the iPhone 5 is noticeably lighter than the iPhone 4S, all three devices live within the same weight class. The big jump comes with the iPad and iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is more than twice the weight of the iPhone 4S and almost three times the weight of the iPhone 5. That is expected since it has a much larger screen.

The graph gets interesting when comparing the iPad and the iPad Mini. While the iPad does have a bigger screen compared to the Mini, it is not significantly bigger. Yet the iPad Mini is more than half the weight of the normal iPad. When looking at the the size vs weight ratio, the iPad Mini looks to be the best of the iOS devices for on-the-go use.

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