Dec 11, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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Screen_shot_2012-12-10_at_5The iPhone has become as important to carry around town as one’s wallet. The wallet carries our drivers license, credit cards, cash, and other critical information. Meanwhile, the iPhone has become the main communication device for many people. Users can talk, send texts or email, and post to social networks.

The biggest part of the wallet used to be cash. Large wallets were needed to carry bills and coins. For many people, the wallet is getting smaller as they are using the credit card instead of cash. For those with small wallets, a drivers license, credit card, and maybe a $20 bill is all that is needed when going out on the town. Now, users can combine their wallet and iPhone together with a case.

Speck is selling the SmartFlex Card case for iPhone 5. The case holds 3 cards and a $20 bill. The cards are easy to push in and out. They also stay in place even if only one card is used. The material is right in the middle between soft and hard and does a great job of protecting the iPhone with a raised bevel for side protection. It has the right amount of flex to protect the iPhone from drops, but it is still easy to take off. Many soft cases are too soft and wear out after 6 months. This case is made with a much more durable material and lasts a lot longer. One complaint at the beginning was the iPhones buttons were hard to press through the case. Over time, this has improved, but it still could be a little easier.

The SmartFlex Card case for iPhone 5 is one of the best cases for the iPhone 5. It combines the two most important things one needs to carry with them everyday, the iPhone and a wallet. It does a great job of keeping the iPhone safe and cards secure. It is available for a regular price of $35.

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