Dec 12, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson

Screen-shot-2012-12-10-at-5There are many text editors for the iPhone and iPad. The biggest problem with editing text on the iOs is the access to files. Files can’t be edited when they are not available. Apple has helped the situation with iCloud, but iCloud files are not accessible from multiple applications. iCloud has had many issues over the past 6 months, which does not make it a good option. I have also lost data due to using Apple’s note taking app and iCloud.

Dropbox has been around for a long time in Internet years. It has been the most reliable service I have used on the Internet. The files are easy to access on any device and on any application on the Mac. The reason for this is Dropbox is just a folder that syncs with their servers. iOS applications will need to be written to support their service, but any text editor worthy to look at already supports Dropbox.

There are many good Text editors for the iOS, but the one that has been on my home screen the longest is Notesy, which is available for $4.99. Notesy has many great features including text expander support, markdown preview and copy, and an image viewer. Yet, the biggest feature is how it syncs with Dropbox. It has the most reliable syncing solution that is automatic and fast. Files can be sorted and searched. Other text editors have added interesting new features, but I keep coming back to Notesy for its syncing and reliability.

There are tons of Dropbox text editors in the iOS App Store. Notesy may not have the most features for a text editor on the iOS, but the feature set is the best implemented of all the editors out there. If one is looking to edit text files on the iPhone or iPad, look no further than Notesy.

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