Dec 31, 2012 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Apple in 2013

2012 has come and gone and Apple didn't disappoint. A few of my Apple favorites launches:

  • Retina Displays (iPad, Mac Book Pros)
  • OS X Mountain Lion & iOS 6
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad Mini

Of course there were many more lesser announcements in 2012, but overall Apple was busy behind the technology wheel, churning out new and better gizmos and gadgets to make our lives better. So what will Apple show us in 2013? Here are a few things we may see.

AppleTV with Siri Integration: Ever since Apple launched the first generation AppleTV, there have been many waiting with baited breath for Apple to really make headway into the coveted living room market. While the current AppleTV is affordable it still lacks any live programming, so Sports and News are delayed at best and only snippets at worst. In 2013 Apple if Apple launches an AppleTV with Siri integration, so that voice commands can help one navigate, that will be a large step forward. However, Apple should do more by reaching out the news and sports outlets and help them program items so live streaming can occur through AppleTV. Examples would be CNN Headline News, NFL Network Game of the Week, ESPN Sports Center and/or Monday Night Football, FoxNews O'Reilly Factor and so on. These could be "pay-for" or "free" services, but the idea is that they would all be available through AppleTV. Much like how "apps" transformed iOS, these programming "apps" would transform how you watch TV. You could say goodbye to cable or satellite and start picking up your programming ala cart through AppleTV. 

OS X 10.9 Improves Notification Center, Mail & Airplay: With OS X Lion and then Mountain Lion there were several new tools added to the Mac OS. However there is still much room improvement for OS X 10.9. Some of those include being able to

  • add Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to Notification Center
  • remove Flags Smart Mailbox from sidebar of
  • not only mirror your Mac to AppleTV but also be able to use it as a second monitor
  • see what number screen you are on if using Spaces

These types of refinements would all be welcome advances for the OS.

iOS 7 with CloudFinder: Finally, we will be able to save email attachements, files and other do-dads from our iOS devices where we can access them later and/or find them with our Macs. A CloudFinder could also become a place where we can easily share files with others.

MacPro/Server: 2013 will finally see some Apple-love towards the "pro" community with a rack-mountable MacPro/Server. This dual-usage professional box is what many Mac fans have been clammoring for, but in the Steve Jobs era they were given less and less attention. However, with Tim Cook at the helm, and a tipping of his hat to this community, we can expect a new direction for pro users in the upcoming year.

Retina Displays for Mac Book Air & iPad mini: Apple will use 2013 to continue to distinguish itself from the rest of the field by adding Retina Display options to the Mac Book Air lineup as well as making it an option for the iPad mini.

Real Update to Apple's Office Suite: Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been stuck at their current versions for almost two years now. 2013 will see all these apps get more features and updates as well as publishing tools to make them on par or better than Microsoft or Google's offerings.

Do you have other ideas for what we might see in 2013? If so, chime in and let us all know your thoughts! Happy New Year.

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