Dec 6, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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Over the past several quarters, Apple has consistently outpaced PC sales both in the US and world-wide. Apple has kept a laser eye on it's well crafted product and offerings, literally owning the $1,000 and above market space. Moving forward Apple is setting the stage to dominate overall PC sales, leaving only remnants of former US powerhouses as mere shadows. Here's how it's happening:

  • The entire globe is moving toward mobile form factors — both smartphone and tablets. This shift is slowing down desktop and laptops sales, as specifically, the iPad lineup is seen as a strong enough product to replace the laptop for many users. 
  • As Apple iPads and iPhones world-wide sales continue grow, over 200 million of these devices are expected to sell in 2013. This hurts legacy Windows PC sales.
  • While PC sales slow, Mac sales continue to pick up halo-effect sales from iPhone and iPads being purchased. The hub model, or what Steve Jobs called the "Truck vs Car" analogy kicks into full swing. 
  • The market is buying Windows PC's at an ever slower clip, and when they do purchase a legacy computing OS product, more and more are shifting to make a Mac their hub for their mobile Apple devices.

If haven't yet seen any Microsoft Surface ads, with dubstep music trying to attract the youth crowd, you are living under a rock. Microsoft is in all-out panic mode to sell Surface tablets and Lumina handsets, as Apple's vertical solutions are set to begin the end of the Redmond-based software giants dominate monopoly.

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  1. Jeff Nailen ~ Dec. 11, 2012 @ 7:12 pm

    Awesome. This has been the tortoise and hare epic of the beginning of the information age. It's so gratifying to see the innovator prevail over the imitator after being laughed at for so long. Superior products eventually beat marketing and bullying. Microsoft Superficial, the next generation of imitation. #

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