Dec 8, 2012 — by: E. Werner Reschke
Categories: Mac Pro, Products, Rumors

Macpro_insideOur source in the Bay Area has just informed Three Guys And A Podcast that the forthcoming "Made in the USA" computer by Apple will NOT be the iMac (as many have speculated) but instead the Mac Pro/X-Serve Replacement.

This makes sense for several of reasons:

  • iMacs and portables have too much off-shore manufacturing technology into them already, and to migrate all of this back to the US would be cost prohibitive.
  • The Mac Pro/X-Serve Replacement — with rumored dual function rack-mount and tower functionality — is relatively easy to manufacture vs any other Apple Mac.
  • The price and margins that a Mac Pro/X-Serve Replacement can demand offsets more expensive US labor and tax considerations.
  • The Mac Pro is long overdue for an update. Moreover, Tim Cook stated earlier this year to a Users Group that an updated Mac Pro would arrive in 2013. The timing matches well for such a US made system.
  • Overseas shipping on a new Mac Pro/X-Serve Replacement is far more expensive than smaller devices, so building this box in the US makes sense.

We only have a single source on this story but thought we should pass it along anyway.

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