Feb 1, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
Categories: iPad

 Apple has been pretty quiet the last couple of months. So have the rumors about the new products. January has come and gone without hardware updates from Apple. Some speculated Apple would bring out the Apple HDTV, but that did not pan out.

Now that February is here, it is time to look ahead and see if anything will be coming out soon. Generally, Apple updates some kind of hardware every few months. Since it has already been a few months, the next update should be out soon.

Most of the hardware rumors for the past two months have been about the iPad. Apple last updated it in March of 2011. For the iPad to be shipping in March, Apple will need to announce it in February. Apple usually spreads its hardware updates throughout the year. So, there is not enough time to make any other new hardware announcements before the iPad 3.

The iPad has been the device that Apple has debuted new processors with and this year won't be an exception. The new processor will have the A6 and should be a quad-core ARM processor with many Apple modifications. The 16, 32 and 64GB storage configurations are unlikely to change, but we will see better battery life. The iPad 3 will also include a high resolution retina display similar to the iPhone.

The iPad 3 will be announced sometime in February with a shipping date of March. It will see a significant speed improvement with faster processor and graphics chip. The higher resolution retina display will greatly improve the display sharpness and detail. If you have not already purchased an iPad, wait for the iPad 3 which is due out soon.

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