Feb 17, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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Lawsuits notwithstanding, earlier this week Samsung took a few shots at Apple, with a tone that could only be described as defensively whiny, conjuring up images of a certain Star Wars character (must I mention Mark Hamill?...). Samsung appears to be in very vulnerable in the TV space, as Product Manager Chris "Skywalker" Moseley stated at their Prague forum:

  • "We've not seen what they've done but what we can say is that they don't have 10,000 people in R&D in the vision category."

Moseley attempts to build nothing more than a very weak straw man argument. Of course Apple does not have 10,000 R&D engineers in the vision category, because they don't need to. Apple leverages their partners for this work, such as LG, Sharp, Wintek (and once upon a time, Samsung) for the best display technologies. Apple doesn't need to have 10,000 vision engineers because their suppliers do the work for them. A million voices may have cried out on Alderaan, and while Samsung may have needed those workers, sorry Chris, Apple's doesn't. Moseley continues.

  • "They don't have the best scaling engine in the world and they don't have world renowned picture quality that has been awarded more than anyone else. "

Moseley throws a bit of technical jargon into play, topped with inside the beltway trophy hoisting. But for Apple, why would they care about a scaling engine? From Samsung's perspective, video arrives to their TV sets via VCRs, DVDs, BluRays and a dozen other sources, thus scaling is very important from their market perspective - not Apple's. An Apple HDTV solution would likely receive nearly all it's content through Apple's own service or iOS devices via AirPlay. Scaling engines need not apply.

While Moseley keeps talking scaling engines and going over to Toshi Station to pick up power converters, Apple will be drumming them out of the market with their stunning vision of what a display device in the living-room should be.

  • "TVs are ultimately about picture quality. Ultimately. How smart they are...great, but let's face it that's a secondary consideration. The ultimate is about picture quality and there is no way that anyone, new or old, can come along this year or next year and beat us on picture quality."

Moseley goes out of his way to convince the reader that it's all about picture quality. False. Only a fraction of HDTV buyers are interested in picture quality and nothing more. Fact is, Chris, 90% of all these sets look stunning, and people's number one and two criteria when buying an HDTV are price and size. Once a price ceiling is established, consumers find the largest set they can get for that price. The next criteria is which one of the largest sets they can afford seems to have the best image quality. Price, size, image. Star Wars, Empire, Jedi. That's the order Chis. Not the prequels first (those were sooo stupid). 

  • "So, from that perspective, it's not a great concern but it remains to be seen what they're going to come out with, if anything."

Moseley's panic-talk put into summary form:

  • We don't have a clue what Apple's doing or will do.
  • Even though we don't know what Apple may - or may not do - they can't beat us, because we have the mighty scaling engine.
  • Because we don't know what Apple is - or is not - going to do, none of this matters. Besides, we have many awards... And the best scaling engine ever!

Let me put it another way. Chris Moseley is dead on correct that they have no clue what Apple may, or may not do, regarding a living-room HDTV, but it doesn't matter. Samsung's already pooping their pants.



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  1. Bill Johnson ~ Feb. 17, 2012 @ 5:03 am

    Great article! I completely agree. Samsung is pooping their pants and if they are not they soon will be... just like Microsoft, Nokia, Sony-Erickson and RIM did when the iPhone hit the market. #

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