Feb 23, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
Categories: Mac Applications

 It was recently discovered that Google has been circumventing Safari's cookie controls. Google has been leaving third party cookies from its sites and ad sites they own. This happens even when the user tells Safari to block them in the application's preference panel.

Cookies are used to set site preferences so users can see the same site next time they return. They are also used to log into an account and set location information. While these are good things, cookies can also be used to keep track of what the user does or where the user goes on the Internet. Some may be ok with this, but many are not. The user should have this control, not the ad agencies.

If Google can add third party cookies in Safari, then anyone else can too. The application preference to block these cookies is basically useless. Apple needs to come up with a better system to control cookies while the user browses the Internet.

Both Chrome and Firefox have much better cookie controls. Both can remove all cookies when the application quits except those the users specifically wants to keep. Safari should take it a step further and remove cookies after the tab used to generate those cookies has been closed. They could also make it much easier for the user to control which cookies they want to keep.

Cookies are used everywhere on the Internet for many different things. Many of the cookies used today are not giving the user a better browsing experience. Users need a better way to control who leaves this information on their computer. Apple needs to step up and lead the way to better cookie management.

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