Feb 29, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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Apple will officially announce the iPad 3 on March 7. This new iPad will have a retina display and faster quad core processor. With the Retina, the iPad will have the capability of displaying 1080p videos and movies.

The Apple TV is one of the best accessories for the iPad. It can mirror the iPad display onto a much larger screen. This is great for watching movies, sports, pictures, games, and presentations. While the current Apple TV should be able to mirror the iPad 3, it will not look as good since the Apple TV only displays 720p. That may change on March 7.

If rumors are accurate, Apple will release another Apple TV at the same time as they release the iPad 3. This new Apple TV should have the capability to display 1080p video. This is the same resolution as Blu-ray movies. Apple will be competing directly against Blu-Ray if they add a 1080p format to iTunes. With iCloud, Apple can store purchased 1080p movies like it does with music and applications. There will be no need to find a place to store those high resolution movies and one will be able to access those movies anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. Apple could also tailor the stream to fit the device. Users would get 720p movies on the iPhone, 480p on a cellular or low band-width connection, but 1080p video on AppleTV and iPad 3.

With iPad games on the retina display and a 1080p HDTV, Apple would be competing directly against console gaming machines for all but the hard-core users. iPad games have been continuing to improve with titles like Infinity Blade 2 and Real Racing 2. While these games are great on the iPad, they are not very social. The Apple TV will add the social component by allowing others to watch the game in progress.

Apple will truly compete for the living room with iPad 3 and new Apple TV. They will now have Blu-ray quality while still keeping the iPad portability. Users will be able to play the same games on the go and on the big screen.

On March 7, Apple will change the game for the living room with huge, new innovation. The iPad 3 and a new Apple TV will have the capability to display sports, movies and games in full 1080p resolution. If Apple can acquire the content, they could replace all the other boxes sitting next to the TV.

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