Mar 7, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
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The iPad is made for viewing photos. The touch interface is ideal for browsing through galleries. The iPad’s next generation will have a retina display, which increases the resolution of the display. This will make it an even better experience by making the pictures look sharper and show more detail. But the iPad can do a lot more than just view photos.

There are a number of photo editors for the iPad, including Filterstorm and Photogene. Adobe has even come out with Photoshop Touch of the iPad.  Yet, Apple still has not released iPhoto or Aperture for the iPad. What are they waiting for?

Apple has brought most of the iLife and iWork applications to the iPad and iOS. Yet there is still one big missing application and that is iPhoto. It is hard to believe that a device that works so well at viewing photos does not have an Apple created photo editor.

The big problem with iPhoto for the iPad is how to manage and store a photo library that is bigger than the space available on the iPad.  For users with years of photos, they will definitely have a library bigger than anything the iPad can hold now. Perhaps this is the reason that Apple has been holding off releasing iPhoto for the iOS. The solution to this problem was released a few months ago.

iCloud will be Apple’s solution to managing Photos on the iPad. Users will not store their photos on the iCloud just yet, but they will use it to sync photos between their iPad and Mac. Photos can automatically be synced between iPad’s library and the library on the Mac.

iCloud is the last ingredient Apple needed to create the best photo manager on the iPad. With a retina display and faster processor, the iPad 3 will be a great platform to view and edit photos on the go. Look for Apple to release iPhoto with the iPad 3 or soon thereafter.

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