May 14, 2012 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Mc OS X Mountain Lion

Apple's next Mac OS X update, Mountain Lion, is just around the corner. However is this OS update worth the fuss or upgrade? We expect the price to be $29 USD, like it was for Snow Leopard and Lion. We also expect it will be easy to download and install via the Mac App Store. We also don't see any big technology changes (32bit to 64 bit, PowerPC to Intel, removal of Rosetta, etc), so compatibility with apps that run in Lion shouldn't be a big deal either.

All in all Apple has made this OS update a no-brainer right? Well kind of.

The one item left to discuss is what you get for $29. This update seems like a lot a "we couldn't finish these features for Lion so we created Mountain Lion" update. Apple unifies brings us lots of things we already have on iOS devices: Messages, Notification Center, Game Center, etc. But the biggie (in my mind) is AirPlay. I wrote about this feature last October (2011). It was a no-brainer in my mind and now it comes to use via Mountain Lion. For those of us who give presentations often, this will make us Mac users, once again, look way ahead of the curve. Remember the word is "presentation". This means everything from your appearance to how the room looks to how the coffee tastes matters. Presentations are meant to inform, but also, often, to persuade. Controlling my MacBook Air with my iPhone and have it wirelessly control an AppleTV — people will be impressive (especially those who live in the PC-world and have no such option without kludging together dispret technologies). Once again, we Mac presenters can dazzle not only with our content but how we deliver that content — which is just as important.

As for Mountain Lion Server, the jury is still out. Apple doesn't provide any information, so the only information available is through developers who want to void their developer agreement by sharing with the rest of us.

All-in-all, while not super dazzling, OS X Mountain Lion is a welcomed update.

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  1. Brian ~ Jun. 8, 2012 @ 5:36 pm

    It should be free if it is just Apple finishing what they did'nt have time to put into Lion. #

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