Jun 21, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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If you are one of the many that believe Apple's second quarter earnings report was a monster, think about what's coming and it'll start to look like just an average Apple report. Apple shipped 35 million iPhones during the March quarter. It was an impressive YOY growth story, and the fact iPhone sales were off only 2 million units after a blow-out holiday season, makes it even more so. But looking forward, it's all about upgrade cycles and world-wide growth.

Apple's growth in China is exploding, and yet it's in an infant-like stage. Throw in other markets like Brazil and Asia (beyond China), and iPhone is going to continue it's momentum well into the future.

218 million iPhones have been sold through the March 2012 quarter. Considering the fact many iPhone users (and would-be owners) know a new iPhone is likely to ship this fall, thus sales figures look to stay on the light side during the summer months, mostly supported mostly by international growth. 

It is Apple's December quarter (fiscal 1Q13), where Apple looks to blow the doors off their earnings report, delivering the largest income figure by any company - ever. The new iPhone will likely be shipping at full production, representing its first complete sales quarter. Given the number of users that will upgrade, coupled with new users, and Apple's ever-expanding international reach, iPhone sales figures could reach 50 - 60 million units. A merry Christmas indeed.

At the rate of iPhone growth, sometime during Apple's 2014 fiscal year, sales should hit the 100 million mark in a single quarter, and rarely look back after that milestone. It's hard to conceive of Apple shipping 400 million iPhones per year, but that sales figure would likely represent only 25% of all cell phones sold world wide. 

I'm not sure many analysts are wrapping their heads around these figures properly, but Andy Zaky of Bullish Cross surely gets it. I've recently conducted an interview with Andy, and will likely be bringing his insight to light in a future article in the coming weeks.


Full Disclosure: Mark Reschke is not a financial advisor, and his opinions are just that - opinions - nothing more. Mark Reschke does own Apple Stock.

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  1. Market Mayhem ~ Jun. 22, 2012 @ 8:39 pm

    The monster quarter is not going to help Apple shareholders. It's almost guaranteed that Apple's P/E will be greatly compressed and the share price will only lag further behind than it is already. It's unlikely the monster quarter will push Apple's share price beyond $700. Blowout quarters may come and go, but Apple's share price will be range-bound. #

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