Jul 11, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke

Brooklyn_ipadIf you are into hoops, or just vaguely interested in how iPad is being used in various corners across the globe, the NBA's Daron Williams, now of the Brooklyn Nets (sorry New Jersey), signed his $98 million contract on an iPad. 

Evidently, based on this twitter photo on Daron's page, he signed the contract with his finger. This is a typical way in which to use the iPad of course, but this may mark the largest financial deal ever finalized via an iPad. Daron Williams tweeted, "Officially a Brooklyn Net! Signed my contract on an iPad  Just thank God for this wonderful opportunity #HelloBrooklyn."


Williams had the opportunity to play in Dallas, his hometown, but decided it would be best to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. After all, Dallas could only offer Daron roughly $80 million, while the Nets could lay out nearly $100 million, so it made better sense to stay put. Dwight Howard may also be in the mix for the Nets, but it's unclear if the team has enough money left, or would be willing to pay a salary cap penalty in order to acquire his services. The only question left is whether Dwight would also sign his contract on an iPad, but perhaps that's just old school now.

More here at ESPN.com

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