Jul 19, 2012 — by: Karl Johnson
Categories: Mac Applications

K1207-moomThe more applications are open, the more windows we use on the desktop. Apple has come out with a few tools like Mission Control to help us take control of those windows. While Mission Control helps us manage windows, it does not help placing those windows.

In a multiple application environment, being able to quickly place windows can save a lot of time. Apple has three buttons in the upper left to close, minimize and maximize windows. These won’t help if one wants to put two windows side by side and have them fill the screen. This is where Moom becomes very useful.

Moom controls the placement of windows. It sits in the menu bar and gives the user a menu while hovering over the green maximize button. Users can decide what screen placement options are available. Some options include right half, left half, top half, bottom half, top left quarter, etc. There are many more options. All these options can be set through the menu or a global shortcut. This allows users to quickly place windows exactly where they want them, saving time and frustration.

The Mac does include some window management out of the box, but it is not enough. Moom picks up where Apple left off by letting the users control the placement of their windows. Setting up working layouts saves lots of time. Moom is available in the Mac App Store and through their Web site for $10. I would recommend purchasing it through their Web site, since the new sandboxing rules in the Mac App Store could limit Moom’s functionality in the future.

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