Jul 30, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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Iphone_5Henry Blodget is at it again, throwing out his less than savvy reasoning as to why the iPhone 5 will be a big loser for Apple – because of it's looks. In Blodget's latest column, If The iPhone 5 Really Looks Like This, Apple May Be Screwed..., his "big idea" is that the iPhone 5 looks a lot like the iPhone 4S, which was virtually the same design as the iPhone 4, thus Apple's iPhone 5 will be a flop. Blodget's "logic" stops there.

Blodget ignores the fact that the iPhone 4S blew away smart phone sales figures, yet looked nearly identical to iPhone 4. But the ignorance continue. Blodget also seems unaware that the largest iPhone upgrade cycle in Apple's history will be this Fall, and avoids mentioning China's amazing growth story for Apple. "In short, the Galaxy feels like a next-generation phone." says Blodget. Sorry Henry, but truth be told, the Samsung Galaxy IIIs looks like a smashed down retread of the iPhone 3 and 3GS.

Perhaps the biggest reason Apple appears to be sticking to it's iPhone 4 and 4S form factors is marketing. The iPhones look is distinct. There is no questioning which smartphone someone is using when it's an iPhone. But when you see a a form factor that is not iPhone, it could be just about any device. Apple has branded the iPhone with a distinct and functional look, and it's clear Blodget has no idea how powerful Apple's iPhone design and brand is - not a clue.

  • "Which screen would you rather spend 18 hours a day using? asks Blodget."

What an incredibly false question to ask. Who uses the smartphone screen 18 hours a day? At best, heavy users may actually be using the smartphone screens 2 hours a day. Anyone using any screen (3.5-in - 5-inch) for any length of time is simply wasting time. The questions Blodget should be asking are:

  • Which device is more productive?
  • Which device has more app choices, and more robust/mature apps?
  • Which device can expect easy OS upgrade (if ever)?
  • Which device has the most robust 3rd party ecosystem?
  • Which device better ties into a desktop workflow?
  • Which device provides direct manufacturer support in virtually any mall, state or major metropolitan area in the world?
  • Which device has a better resale value in two-years?

There is also a functionality aspect to the iPhone Blodget seems to dismiss. The iPhones 5's purported long-screen design, while keeping it's svelte width, will still allow for one-hand operation. Try using one hand to navigate a 4-inch+ smartphone, it's virtually impossible. Apple's candy bar design is amazingly functional. Apple's design also takes into account women. Yes, women have smaller hands than men (what a shock). Having a device that doesn't look like one is holding an iPad to their head when making calls, or can slip easily into a designer purse works extremely well for women. Evidently, Henry Blodget just isn't in touch with his feminine side

iPhone 5's apparent design will also work well in Asian markets. China's population is roughly 2 billion, and simply and put, the iPhone width and form factor is perfect for smaller handed people like me (and many Asians). Fat fingered Euro-types need not apply. Blodget is apparently clueless when it comes markets outside the US, and what makes fit and form sense to users world-wide. Don't think this understanding is lost on Apple because it isn't. Apple is keenly aware of its growth opportunities in Asia and what type and size of device makes sense for it to dominate the region. Blodget also misses out on the understanding that nearly 1 billion in China are on China Mobile's network, to which Forbes has reported Apple is likely to gain access to for the first time. 

The iPhone 5 should dominate the smart phone market for at least the first 6 - 9 months after launch. It is at that time when we can look forward to Blodget's next installment of why the iPhone 6 is destined to fail because it looks similar to all the other industry dominating iPhones of years past.

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