Sep 26, 2012 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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According to Intel's CEO Paul Otellini, Windows 8 is shipping with known problems. "Improvements still need to be made to the software," Otellini told employees at a company meeting in Taiwan yesterday.

As we have been saying for quite some time now, Windows 8 is Microsoft's last chance of becoming semi-relevant again. Its tiled Metro operating system is what Microsoft has bet the farm on to compete in the mobile market.

If Otellini is correct (and we have no reason for him to be wrong), a buggy Windows 8 could quash any hope for a Microsoft comeback. CEO Steve Ballmer would be ousted and Microsoft would need to reinvent itself — something it has yet to show itself capable of during its 30 year existence. If Ballmer is able to survive a failed Windows 8 launch, then Microsoft will go down as the dumbest company in the history. Ballmer's inability to see smart phones and tablets as the next decade of computing — even as early on Blackberry was proving the mobile space to be lucrative — shows he may know how to manage a winner, but doesn't know how to adapt to market conditions when the game changes. To be fair, few often do.

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  1. James ~ Sep. 26, 2012 @ 11:24 am

    Of course Win 8 is going to be crapware. MS is GM in the 1970's and 1980's punching out obsolescent product that with no thought of quality. Back in the day you never joined the ranks of early adopters of New GM Vehicles. If you were smart you waited for the next model year, or sometimes the model after that, for GM to get all the kinks worked out. But the near-death experience of GM suffered at the hands of the Japanese made the company and the cars much better. (Truth be told, government regulation also made autos better too.) The clanking, sputtering death-trap cars of the 1970's were replaced by our present day lean, green, safer machines. GM adapted to market conditions. This was not exactly painless, more than a few auto workers got pink-slipped and more than a few CEOs crashed and burned before GM got its head screwed on half-way right. GM learned the hard way that it was not the GM of the '50's and 60's. MS is right where GM was at the Carter gas shock, flat footed, stultified, getting beat up for its lunch money. The big difference is that MS cannot rebrand and reconfigure its product like GM did. There is no equivalent of the SUV in computer land. MS has got to learn how to make the computing equivalent of the Prius and fast. Looks like MS instead came out with the computing equivalent of the Chevette, or to conflate brands-- the Pinto. #
  2. Art Vandelay ~ Sep. 26, 2012 @ 8:11 pm

    What a load of crap. I guarantee that the poster above has not used Windows 8. I have been running the RTM for a month and it is solid as a rock. Microsoft is innovating where Apple is stagnating. The GM analogy is completely flawed. Everyone but Apple fanbois can see that there is nothing innovative or exciting in 10.8. I beta tested that last year too, and all I saw were gimmicks to sell more iPhones. That is Apple's cash cow now, and they aren't interested in computing innovation. Did you hear that they are thinking of making carbon fiber laptops? Wow, except that Lenovo beat them to it already with the X1 Carbon. The glow is already fading from Apple as the fanbois wax nostalgic for the days of their hero, Steve Jobs. #
  3. Cameron ~ Oct. 1, 2012 @ 1:05 am

    Hi, i have also been testing the rtm version for a couple of months now i find the operating stable and can run most of my old windows software however what seems to be hurting Microsoft and i hope this is fixed before the fully official release date otherwise it could well and trully flop is the start menu removed from the desktop i find it quite annoying there are alternatives but it gives microsoft a bad move a full functional operating system i think most people agree and i have read several articles on this alone subject apart from that i love the speeds and my games dont crash like they do on windows 7 cheers. #
  4. Ken ~ Nov. 7, 2012 @ 7:19 am

    I was testing Windows 8 for months, but the actual release is shockingly short of the mark. Localisation of the desktop is complete rubbish and hung on US data (i.e. news, sport etc.) The weather tile will serve you well if you live in the US, London, Paris or Mumbai, but other capital cities such as Vienna, and many other European targets will come later....if ever! Want your old games from Windows 7? Forget, they've excluded them from Windows 8 and they want you to reach for them from the XBox site. Trouble is, if you live outside of the US, the UK, or Germany, the link to XBox won't be available until much later...their words, not mine. It's a complete shambles of a launch as it is really not ready by a long way. I'll give it one or two more days then I'm putting my recommendations to our board. Intel's CEO is right on the ball! #

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